Have you considered floor heating?

Have you considered floor heating?

Floor heating in your home evenly spreads warmth across the floor area. Imagine the feeling of comfort and luxury walking on a warm bathroom or living room floor on a cold winter night.

If you are considering floor heating in your new home or renovation, read on for the benefits.

Floor heating is a cost-effective option for warming your home

Underfloor heating distributes a steady spread of warmth from the floor up. It provides consistent, efficient heating, making it cost-effective to run. Other heating systems generally need to operate at a high temperature to heat up a room, while floor heating runs at a moderate temperature, which can lead to lower energy bills.

Floor heating can eliminate dust and allergens in the air

Underfloor heating is an excellent option for people with asthma or other allergies as it can reduce risk of airborne allergen triggers, making it a great option for people with respiratory sensitivities.

Floor heating is eco-friendly

Underfloor heating produces energy-efficient heating, which can minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Floor heating is an invisible design and adds a touch of luxury

Floor heating is installed beneath the flooring the room, so this means that heating is essentially invisible. Its hidden design creates a warm and comfortable temperature in the house providing comfort to your family with a touch of luxury.

Floor heating is silent

Floor heating is silent. It doesn’t emit any sound at all – you can simply sit and enjoy peace and serenity in your cosy home.

Floor heating is low maintenance

Floor heating systems do not require cleaning or regular maintenance. You can simply turn it on and enjoy!

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