Control your Daikin air conditioner from anywhere with Daikin Airbase

Control your Daikin air conditioner from anywhere with Daikin Airbase

At home, comfort is king. And Daikin’s smart Airbase air conditioner technology just made it easier to stay comfortable and in control.

Using Daikin’s Airbase app to control your Daikin air conditioning system from your smartphone, you can have total comfort and convenience in the palm of your hand, from anywhere, and with added features you don’t get with standard remote-controlled air conditioners.

You can come home to a pre-cooled or warmed house

Using Daikin’s Airbase technology, you can turn your heating or cooling on using an app on your phone and arrive home to a comfortable house temperature.

You can enjoy ultimate convenience

The hand-held technology enables you to turn it off and on whenever as you need – which comes in handy when you don’t want to get up from the couch or out of bed on a cool morning.

You can save on energy bills

We’ve all left the house and forgotten to turn off the air conditioner. Smart air conditioner systems like Daikin Airbase help you view and control your AC’s energy usage from your smartphone or tablet.

Daikin Airbase features
  • Zone controls (individually control different sections of your home)
  • Multiple users (via the app)
  • Remote access
  • Fan speed and mode controls
  • Temperature control
  • Set temperature display
  • Easy-to-set timers
  • Airbase app is compatible on Android and iOS devices
  • Filter clean reminder
  • Can be used with any Daikin air conditioning system.

If you’re interested in superior air conditioner control from anywhere, Daikin Airbase could be a great addition to your home. Vaccaro Group is a Daikin Authorised Dealer. We can help you set this up with any existing Daikin AC system or a brand new one. Get in touch with our team of air conditioning specialists today.


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