Get Vaccaro Group to design the electrical layout of your new home with Clipspec

Get Vaccaro Group to design the electrical layout of your new home with Clipspec

Lighting and connectivity can make or break a living space. If the lights are too harsh or too dim, it may throw off the ambience of the room. And if there are too few power points to connect to, or they’re placed in the wrong position, it can make things unnecessarily complicated. That’s why there’s plenty of benefits to designing your own electrical plan and lighting – one that’s customised to your needs.

You can plan the best lighting, power, and data locations in your home

Whether you’re charging your devices or powering anything else in a room, power point outlets can either make life much easier or harder. To ensure it’s the former, you can put it in your electrical plan. Your electrical plan should consider the room and its future features and uses.

For example, in a living room, you’d need at least a few power points, perhaps for your TV, floor lamp and phone charger. You should also weigh up those occasional uses, such as a vacuum cleaner and Christmas tree lights, for example.

You should also consider all the locations you may require a data outlet for a faster internet connection, for example, behind your television, in a media room, or study.

Over in the bathroom, you need to think about all your grooming tools, such as hair dryers and electric razors. In this room, placing them inside a bathroom cabinet can protect them from water and reduce clutter.

To do this well across the house, you’ll need to really imagine what the space will look like and how you’ll use it – ideally before it has even been built or renovated.

By planning for the best locations for your lighting, power and data points, you can avoid tripping over unsightly long extension leads, using double or multi-adaptors. These can also become an electrical hazard if leads or adaptors become damaged or are overloaded.

Putting together a plan for lighting, power, and data locations while building or renovating your home also prevents damage to your home in the future if you do decide, for example to install different or new lighting after the build or renovation is complete.

You can include upgrades

If you’re building or renovating, you can include energy upgrades in the future as your needs change. Let’s say you want to install a new air conditioning system or wish to modify the existing power supply to make it more practical for a growing family.

Or perhaps you want to include a smart home system with lighting control and automation. Smart home systems can give you advanced control of your heating, cooling, lighting, music, home security and more.

Visit Vaccaro Group and speak with our design consultants about your home

Vaccaro Group’s experienced design consultants can work with you, either in our showroom or via video, to plan the lighting, electrical, data, and security layout of your home using Clipspec, an advanced home electrical planning tool, designed specifically for people looking to build or renovate their dream home.

Our offices showcase a range of Clipsal electrical accessories that you can include in your home, including other lighting, security, and heating and cooling options.

As a leading Clipsal dealer, we can assist with home automation systems so you can enjoy a touch of luxury and convenience at home. Turning your home into a smart home can be done through our electrical installation services at any point, or you can integrate it into your home build from the get-go.

Whether you’re looking to have more connectivity, upgrade your lighting system or add new mood-enhancing lights, Vaccaro Group has got you covered.

As electrical wiring and installation specialists, we can assist you with electrical consultation and design to make the most of your home. Get in touch with us today to discover more.

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