Introducing The Clipsal Iconic Range Of Electrical Products

Introducing The Clipsal Iconic Range Of Electrical Products

Vaccaro stocks the Clipsal Iconic range of modern electrical accessories. In fact, we’re fortunate to be one of the biggest Clipsal brand buyers in Australia. Vaccaro licensed electricians and tradespeople swear by the installation of this industry-leading electrical brand. Why go with Clipsal? Below we explore why the Clipsal Iconic Range is a superior brand for Australian electrical accessories.

Premium product, competitive prices

Clipsal Iconic products offer a premium look and feel. They’re also competitively priced, making for an affordable feature for any modern home. In fact, Clipsal is visually different from most products. Its changeable metallic skins are designed to suit a range of home décor options. With its versatility, consumers can change the application of each switch or power point without the need for an electrician. They’re the go-to electrical accessories for leading new home builders – and even consumers wanting to make the switch to smart home automation enabled technology.

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New electronic accessories and features

Clipsal has a range of beautifully designed products. Choose from standard switches and power points, to simple smart home functionality. Clipsal Iconic products are leading the charge for modern living. Vaccaro stocks the full Iconic range to support our electrical wiring, installation and maintenance services. We do electrical wiring, including switches, sockets and networking features that easily integrate into your home.

Clipsal Iconic has a host of new features, including:

  • LED indicators and locators
  • Home connectivity (networking, USB, Bluetooth, low energy mechs)
  • Modular designs to make style and functional updates.
Standard product used by Vaccaro

We choose Clipsal Iconic for our modern electrical accessories. Our qualified electricians find the Clipsal Iconic range easy to install. They find the power points have screws already in place, which is a great time-saver for electricians. When fitting an entire house with multiple power points, this saves a lot of time and money for both installer and household. In addition, Vaccaro group is proud to be installing smart home systems for Australian homes and businesses.

With over 80 qualified staff, Vaccaro Group chooses Clipsal Iconic range for all its electrical accessories and installation jobs. Perfect for the modern home or business, our licensed electricians will have all your electrical needs covered.

A trusted family business delivering high quality electrical and air conditioning solutions

The Vaccaro Group works hard to deliver professional, reliable and quality electrical and air conditioning services and installations for many new project homes and commercial sites. We’re one of the largest electrical and air conditioning contractors in NSW contracting to Australia’s leading home builders.