Introducing Vaccaro Group’s New Pendant Range

Introducing Vaccaro Group’s New Pendant Range

Lighting is so much more than illuminating a space. It can be a way of complimenting and warming up a room, making it feel lived in. And we believe lighting should change to suit the style and preference of the people living in the home. It shouldn’t just be an afterthought. This year, at Vaccaro Group we’ve expanded our lighting range to include pendant lights. And with many different styles, shapes and colours on offer, they’re sure to liven up any room.

A stylish way to light up a room

Pendant lighting is a versatile product that looks incredible whether on its own or in a clustered group. It also has the added benefit of placing focus wherever you hang it, be it over furniture, a dining table or a desk. Regardless of where you place it, pendant lighting is the statement piece of a room and will complete a space with the flick of a switch.

Our new pendant range also comes with new options for lighting placement, such as exterior lighting, wall lighting and sensor lights. These options can help make your home more comfortable and accessible, particularly when it comes to integrating lighting automation.

Something for everyone

With four styles of pendant lighting to choose from, each design is made to suit different styles and tastes, so there is something for every taste. Those options are:

Classic. If your space leans more to the traditional side, consider a classical style. Classic-style pendant lighting can look great in both a newly renovated space and an older one.

Modern. In newly built properties, modern pendant lighting is the accent to complete a room. Think organic shapes and subtle shades of grey, black or cream.

Vintage. Like classic style, vintage pendant lighting throws back to the design from years gone by. Vintage style lighting fits in both older homes and modern ones, proving just how timeless they can be in any space.

Glamour. This style pendant may not be for everyone, but it does bring a touch of glitz to a room that would otherwise be ordinary.

Visit Our Showroom

Pay a visit to the Vaccaro Group showroom! With a variety of our products on display we can assist in choosing a style and design that suits your taste. We also offer product information, installation packages and consultation for lighting solutions for your new or existing home. Get in touch today to find out more.

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