Preparing for an electrical consultation

Preparing for an electrical consultation

Whether you need electrical design layout advice for your new home, or perhaps just some advice regarding the air conditioning system best suited to your home or workplace –  consulting a qualified professional is a must. But where – and how – do you start? Well, having a basic vision of what you want is a must. Once you understand that, seek out the services of an experienced, Vaccaro Group electrical design consultant to help get you started.

Have a vision of what you want

Understanding your electrical plans can help put things in motion. If you’re designing your new house, when it comes to planning your electrical points, furniture placement is really important. Do you want a power point closer to your bedside table? Think about the position of all furniture, internet router, and any other appliances within each room of the home. Alternatively, if you’re an entertainer, think about outdoor areas and what their main function will be. Allowing sockets for the outdoor fridge and sound systems can make a huge difference to improving your living amenity.

Going over the consultation checklist

Once you have an idea of what you want, get in touch with a Vaccaro qualified consultant, who will provide you with a checklist. This checklist can help prepare you for your first visit to our showroom. Even if you’re still not 100% sure on what you need, don’t worry. Because at Vaccaro we use the very latest Clipsal Clipspec design software to help you design your electrical layout. Our checklist help fill in the blanks and give you a clearer picture of everything you will need to think about. The checklist will ask you to:

  • Obtain a copy of your standard electrical plan and inclusions list. Your builder should be able to help, if not, refer to your building contract
  • Visit the builder’s display home to see what’s on display. This can provide inspiration for how your new home setup might look, which may affect lighting and how you position furniture
  • Be aware of any possible design changes you may be considering, and their potential impact
  • Contact your internet, telephone, and pay TV service provider to find out about cable requirements to your area, for example pay TV can be either an underground connection or via satellite. Additionally, your internet connection may be optical fibre (NBN/Opticom or Telstra Velocity), Telstra Line or Optus Cable.

Nothing beats planning ahead to save time and money for all your electrical jobs. Whether you’re building a new home, or you require an air conditioning unit installed to beat the heat, Vaccaro’s experienced electrical design consultants and qualified  technicians can take care of all your installation and service needs.


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