Why smoke detector alarms are important

Why smoke detector alarms are important

In a fire, a matter of a few seconds could be the difference between life and death. Which is why a properly installed smoke detector can give you a head-start. It’s why all properties should have smoke detector alarms fitted. These devices can alert you before the start of a potentially deadly fire.

A smoke detector – or smoke alarm – is designed to detect smoke, heat or fire and let off an alert signal (a loud alarm noise). Whether the smoke alarm is placed in the hallway, in bedrooms or on factory floors, Australian law specifies that commercial and residential rental properties must have smoke alarms installed. Explore why smoke alarms are so important for your business and family home.

They stand guard around the clock

A smoke alarm is your property’s safe keeping. It watches over your home or business when you’re sleeping, at work or away on holidays. If installed correctly, your whole home should be covered by a fire alarm system. A smoke detector could protect your property and belongings in the event of fire by alerting neighbours if you’re away. Without a smoke alarm that’s been properly fitted, you won’t have the protection that your home or business deserves.

They can protect your family – but only when properly maintained

If installed correctly, a smoke alarm system can prevent further property damage and more importantly, loss of life. It’s a chance to get proactive around the house for the safety of you and loved ones. When installing a smoke alarm, you’ll need to consider factors like:

  • Where you install the smoke detectors (e.g. on a ceiling or wall)
  • How many you plan on installing (e.g. one outside each bedroom)
  • How easily you can access the smoke alarm for maintenance and/or battery changes.

Getting smoke detectors wired directly into a home’s electrical system by a qualified electrician is a cost-effective and efficient way to have smoke detectors. And this can save you from having to change the battery every 6 months to ensure its effectiveness.

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They’re an early fire safety detection system

Smoke alarms provide an early signal to the presence of smoke, so you and your loved ones can get to safety or prevent the fire from spreading – if it’s safe to do so. They’re a good talking point for teaching children about what to do in the event of a fire and the dangers fire poses. It’s important to make sure your children know what to do if a fire alarm goes off – and what better way to start than teaching them how a smoke alarm works.

Unfortunately, some people don’t take smoke alarms seriously – or the simply forget about them. The average battery-powered smoke alarm has a lifespan of 10 years. The only thing that can alert you, your family and colleagues – is an installed fire alarm that’s been maintained and checked on a regular basis. So, make sure you’re checking the battery in your smoke alarms frequently to ensure ongoing safety within the home. Better still, install a smoke alarm system that is hard-wired into your home’s mains power.

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