Why use a licensed electrician or air con technician?

Why use a licensed electrician or air con technician?

One of the most important contractors you can hire for any business or home is a licensed electrician. After all, your property’s electrical system is essential for day to day life. But often faulty wiring by an unskilled electrician can be a recipe for disaster.

Finding a skilled electrician specialising in installation, supply, and maintenance of electrical systems in commercial and residential buildings is essential. Here we’ll break down why qualified electricians and air conditioning technicians are vital on any job, big or small.

They’re qualified … for a reason

There’s a reason why electricians and technicians go through rigorous training – it’s a dangerous job. From electrical wiring to underground installations, a licenced electrician is familiar with hazards and can rely on their training to keep themselves safe and complete a job.

Regardless of whether you’re after a generalist electrician or a specialist, you want to be in safe hands. From selecting the right electrical equipment for the job, to helping you prevent tripping circuits and identify early hazards, your electrician’s expertise can save you time and money.

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They should operate within safety and compliance procedures

Electricity is used for most modern technologies, from fridges to lighting, and handling electricity is an exercise in caution and safety. But some electrical issues can cause major damage – and even lead to loss of life.

To prevent issues, a licensed electrician follows a well-defined set of safety standards, procedures and regulations. They should have all the required and recommended certifications and insurance, including compliance with Australian standards. These are backed by legal requirements which pose penalties for non-compliance. This ensures electrical work is done to a high standard and in a uniform way, to keep homes and businesses safe for Australians.

Doing a complete job the first time 

Getting the job done right the first time should be a priority for all licenced tradesman. For example, take air con technicians. They’re required to inspect air conditioning ducts and look for blockages inside the air vents. In order to fix any issues, they need a good understanding of the product, along with service experience.  With the right technicians, there won’t be a need for constant repairs that can become a hassle in the long run. A true professional will get it right the first time.

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