The benefits of smart home technology

The benefits of smart home technology

Smart homes are gaining popularity in Australia, along with other parts of the world. Although the US is currently leading the adoption of smart technology in the home, it’s estimated that over 2 million Australian homes are considered ‘smart homes’. And this is only expected to increase in the coming years. But what exactly is a smart home? And what are the benefits?

What is a smart home?

Smart homes utilise smart technology and devices connected through the internet to control appliances and systems in the home. From controlling your lighting or TV, to working your heating and cooling system, you can do all this and more with smart home systems. Here are some of the ways you can use smart home technology to enhance your living space.

You can control your home from the palm of your hand

Smart homes offer the ability to be connected to all the different rooms in your home. You can customise lighting, heat, and cooling via a single device, like your smartphone, or even on voice command, all without having to leave the couch.

You can save on your energy bills

It’s safe to say that at some point, many of us have left a room without turning the lights off, or have come home only to realise we’ve accidentally left our air conditioner on all day. Smart home systems can be set up to control lighting or heating and cooling systems with timers, helping you avoid these mishaps and save on your energy bills.

You can prevent home emergencies

With some smart home technology, you’ll also have the option of controlling your system even when you’re not at home. It can even alert you about issues around the house, such as a washing machine leak. As we all know, sometimes accidents happen, and having alerts set up like this could really help save the day!

See how you could control your blinds, room temperature, lighting, home security, and more through a simple dashboard on your smartphone, like this one from the Clipsal Wiser app , even when you’re not at home.

You can regulate temperature and optimise the ambience of a space

Smart home systems can help you to create customised lighting for different spaces throughout your home, boosting the ambience and cosiness of a space. Not only can smart system timers help avoid a nasty surprise on your energy bill, they can help you regulate the temperature of your home to optimise comfort. You can set up timed blinds or shutters to help keep your house cool in summer, or let in that winter sun when you need it most.

This, along with utilising natural elements can prove an effective way to save on energy costs. If you visit our design studio, we’ll also help you to take advantage of nature’s elements, enhancing them to create a more energy efficient space, conserving energy where possible and boosting the comfort of your home.

You can design your optimal living space

At our V Elements Design Studio, we can show you how to incorporate smart technology into your home to help create a purposeful and welcoming space. From lighting and security to climate control, our expert design consultants will help create tailored solutions to help you get the most out of your living space.

Book a personalised consultation with our expert electrical design consultants at the design studio.

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Metropolitan Building

Vaccaro team have always been excellent to deal with because of the Professional team they employ.They have the right experience to cater for all types of builds, there communication is outstanding from Melinda and Rose at the Consultation stage, Anthony there onsite Supervisor and the electricians that have been working on my Homes.
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Melinda assisted me with planning the layout of my home electrical plan. She was friendly and excellent with providing many options for light fittings and lighting placement in the home. Highly Recommend!

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Fantastic service the whole way through, booking the job was easy and the electricians who completed the work were friendly, took all required safety measures and the price was more than reasonable. Definitely recommend using Vaccaro.

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Vaccaro was the original electrical installer of my home. Their workmanship and materials were of excellent quality. They were extremely helpful, efficient and friendly whenever I asked for help. My special regards to Cameron for responding to my after-sales requests promptly and Robert for helping me resolve some technical issues and enhancing my understanding of the wiring system design.

Vaccaro was also the original air-conditioning installer of my home. Sonya and her teams were very polite and attentive and provided speedy responses to servicing requests. The technicians are well trained and equipped and as a result the refrigerant leak was fixed in no time. They also made good the controls and carried out air balancing.


I was a little nervous doing my electrical appointment on my own as my partner was unavailable. Janae (Electrical Design Consultant) was friendly, helpful and had a clear understanding of everything, making the electrical appointment stress-free. Janae was quick with responding to any enquiries or emails. I was very happy with her service & would highly recommend.


Richard was very reliable, very responsive, and very polite. He also took special care to make sure I was happy with the service provided. Thank you very much, highly recommended.


Richard was reliable, responsive and polite. He also took special care to make sure I was happy with the service provided. Thank you very much, would not hesitate to recommend.


Happy to give a big thumbs up and thank you to Richard in the sales team and the guys who replaced our 22 year old full ducted system in our double storey home, with a new Daikin 20kw system. Only installed one day and already appreciate how quiet the unit is. Despite the rain they were through the job in a few hours and were completely professional, very happy to recommend this company.


Thank you, Richard, Jimmy, and the rest of the Vaccaro team, for providing such timely and professional service, installing a split air conditioning system in my home today. Jimmy’s level of awareness to be respectful of the peace and cleanliness of the property during the installation was greatly appreciated. My apartment feels lovely and toasty – I may never leave!


Had a recent appointment with Belinda to organise the electricals for my first home build. She was professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful with assisting me pick the best electrical option for the built. I’m super excited and can’t wait to see the quality of work from Vaccaro Group!!

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